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Real Non-Homeopathic HCG

Before you run off and order the first HCG drops you find, take note! Every single HCG retailer out there today is only offering fake, homeopathic HCG drops. HCG Plus are the Web's Only Real HCG drops.

The truth is obvious. Without actual HCG, how can you hope to achieve real weight loss? HCG Plus provides the same clinical levels you would receive via injections, but at a fraction of the price.

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Real HCG Drops - What Works?

So often people are taken in by the many various programs out there that claim to be real HCG. They often market their drops as "homeopathic" or using values for concentrations that are of dubious measuring validity. Things such as 1x, 2x, 3x are often used on these labels, but these values actually have no meaning. They are used to indicate hypothetical micro concentrations, which are useless for someone looking to lose weight with HCG. It is important to ensure that the drops you choose contain the real hormone, and at levels high enough to be effective. Generally HCG is measured in milligrams (in powdered form) or in IUs (liquid form). When you are looking for the best and most effective HCG drops, you need to be aware of this measurement method. IUs is the only true way to measure HCG concentrations in liquid form, and if you see any other attempts to "rebrand" this measurement value, it is a sure sign that the product does not contain any HCG at all. Generally a person must take between 125 to 200 IUs of HCG each day in order to achieve success. Likewise, users of the HCG diet program who buy homeopathic HCG may encounter retailers claiming their product is "equivalent" to this amount. However, this also is not the case, and is simply another attempt to deceive prospective buyers.

The HCG diet program works in one of two ways. Firstly, one of the major issues with losing weight successfully is the body's natural reaction to weight loss. Whenever fat is stored in cells and then used, it will instantly slow down the person's metabolism. This is done to prevent fat loss evolutionarily, but it can be particularly problematic for dieters. People often hit a plateau rather quickly during their weight loss, if they're dieting alone. HCG counteracts this directly, by interacting with the brain and boosting the hypothalamus. On average users of HCG burn between 3000 to 4000 calories each day. The second way HCG works is by decreasing the appetite of the user. HCG is unique in this capacity, as it interacts with the appetite producing areas of the brain and decreases the hunger instinct. With these two factors, this program offers users truly magnificent results far beyond what they could achieve on their own. Real HCG, however, is necessary to see this level of success. Without it, it is impossible for users of the program to ultimately be successful losing weight. Generally speaking, people need real HCG at levels of at least 125 IUs to achieve success. In every study, at least this threshold was necessary to achieve the increase over placebo groups. Right now there is only one over the counter and real HCG provider in the world, HCG Plus.

Differences: Homeopathic and Non-Homeopathic HCG

Oftentimes people first encounter HCG via HCG drops at their local GNC or Wal-mart. These drops can be quite expensive, ranging from $30-80 at these retailers. However, universally these drops do not contain a single molecule of real HCG. When people learn of this, they are usually motified. Why are these companies allowed to brand their products as HCG when they in fact contain none? We do not have an answer to this question for our customers, but we do have the solution to the problem. HCG Plus is the web's only non-homeopathic and real HCG. Not only do our drops contain HCG, they contain the same dosages you would normally receive via injections. We can do this simply because we source our product domestically and maintain the highest GMP standards for bottling. Avoiding these homeopathic or "alternative" HCG drops may in fact be quite difficult. It is necessary for people to seek out the few suppliers that offer truly non-homeopathic drops, otherwise their weight loss will be poor.

What exactly makes drops homeopathic? The word homeopathic is defined as any concentration of something that contains so little of it, it would generally be considered a passive ingredient. This is done under the theory that a normal dosage may not be any more effective than a very minute dosage. However, with HCG this is precisely the opposite of what is needed. HCG's power comes directly from its dosage allotment each day. HCG must be administered in at least 125 IU per day dosages, otherwise, results will not occur. Over one thousand different studies have been conducted on the HCG program, and they all indicate one thing: the hormone is essential for success. On average, placebo groups only lost 25% of the total weight of the hormone's users. Generally these homeopathic drops have less than 0.000000000001 grams of HCG powder in them, if they contain any at all. This is useless for achieving real sustained results. Of course, this program has been shown to be highly effective, but people should be mindful of this difference. Real HCG like with our product not only contains the levels per day needed for success, but we can also offer it to people at prices lower than our competitors who are selling the fake stuff! We strive to improve our product rather than improve our marketing.

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Common Questions:

Q: Is this Really Non-Homeopathic HCG?

Yes! HCG Plus is the real deal, and totally non-homeopathic. What this means is that users of the HCG diet program with our product receive the same dosage of HCG as they would through other methods. At present, HCG Plus are the only true non-homeopathic drops out there today. Even the homeopathic drops that once contained the actual hormone, are now going to completely "alternative" ingredients.

Q: How Will My Order Be Shipped?

Orders placed with us are generally shipped within 24 hours. You will receive tracking information for your order once it has shipped out. All orders are generally mailed out via USPS unless other arrangements have been made. All orders for international delivery go out in this same 24 hour time period, however, they are packaged discretely to help combat customs. Generally it takes 7-21 days for international delivery.

Q: Do You Offer International Delivery?

Yes, we do! We will ship to nearly any location worldwide, and usually there are no problems with delivery. When we ship to international locations, we charge a flat $8.99 shipping charge on these orders. Generally our shipping is via first class international post, and arrives within 7-21 days depending on customs and location.

Q: What is the Shelf Life and Does it Require Refrigeration?

HCG Plus has a shelf life of 5 months to reach a 20% drop in potency (80% potent). This is normally what we mark as its shelf life. All real HCG requires refrigeration otherwise the molecules will dissociate over time. HCG Plus is no different, and we recommend refrigerating it as soon as it arrives, but especially if opened. Do not leave any HCG Plus out for over 14 days at room temperatures if unopened (or 8 hours if opened).

Q: What are the Ingredients in HCG Plus?

HCG Plus are the most potent and highest concentration HCG drops in the world, so of course they contain HCG (enough for 150-200IUS/day). Also there is Niacin, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, B-12, and other amino acid extenders. HCG Plus does not contain any alcohol (HCG drops that contain alcohol do not contain HCG, as alcohol destroys the molecules).

Q: What Information Do You Offer About the HCG Diet?

With every order comes an extensive 18 page guide that offers users unparalleled weight loss results. This is specifically written and designed for HCG Plus and our real HCG solution. Along with this people receive recipes and various other helpful tips that can greatly improve their results while on the program. Generally people find these to be invaluable, especially for those that are unfamiliar with HCG and how to take it.

Q: Is Real HCG with HCG Plus Safe?

Doctors and medical professionals are prescribing HCG more than any other treatment for obesity. They are doing this because of its inherent safety for most users. Men and women alike can take HCG, and benefit from it just as safely. Though as always people should discuss their new diet regimens with their doctor or medical professional before beginning treatments.

Q: What is the Research on the HCG Diet Plan Showing About Its Benefits? is a study that was conducted a couple of years ago on the HCG diet. A physician studied the effects of the program on two abnormal patients: one with diabetes and one with hypothyroidism. This was done after no other treatment program had been shown to work for these people. Ultimately what was discovered was that HCG worked extremely well in both cases, and even had the added benefit of insulin stabilization in the case of diabetes. This is the first result of its kind, and led to many follow up studies.