Beginning the HCG Diet Program – The First Steps

Dieting StartMany people request information about just how they start the program. Though our guides go into good details on every phase of the program from start to finish, it is best to go over a few key points to clarify some issues.

During Phase One, customers are often confused just what to do, particularly whether to take HCG during this phase, or only at the start of phase 2.  You do take HCG during phase one and phase two.  This is done all the way until the last 3 days where you stop HCG intake but continue on the diet as described in the guides.

Once your real HCG drops arrive, it’s best practice to place them in the refrigerator even if you do not open them for several days.  Once you begin taking the drops, do not stop the program, otherwise you must enter phase 3 if you go without HCG for over 48 hours.  If there is any gap in the administration, phase 3 protocols must be implemented.  Otherwise, the body will have its HCG levels dropped, then raised again, which has negative consequences for total weight loss.  The immunity you build up during the program only gets worse if this occurs.

Along these same lines, people who are using our HCG drops should begin taking 15 drops per day as a start. This is roughly equivalent to 150 IUs per day of HCG, and as such, is a good starting place.  Most people do not have to raise their dosage during the program, which is done to combat plateaus, but it’s always good to leave that option open.  If during Phase 2 you do not lose weight for a period in excess of 5 days, it’s likely your body’s immunity is kicking in.  You can then up the dosage to 20 drops per day, or around 200 IUs, and also try a day where you only eat a select fruit (apples or cantaloupes being common choices) in order to kick-start your metabolism.

Since HCG plus is real HCG, it takes a whole lot less to be effective than even solutions people mix themselves.  However, versus homeopathic or “hormone-free” drops its over 400% more effective as far as results.  Most users lose 20 to 30 pounds on the HCG diet, while homeopathic users are lucky to manage 7 total lbs lost.  Also homeopathic HCG causes people to gain the weight right back after they go into Phase 3.  These two “retail” options actually don’t contain any HCG at all, so as such, they do not work as part of the HCG diet.  People using them are effectively going on a highly reduced caloric diet without any pharmacological assistance.

On our website here, we also have provided some hcg recipe examples which will hopefully help people choose the types of meals they will have in Phase 2.  There are a wide variety of choices on the modern program, especially if you push to 700 calories per day rather than the classical 500.  This information is provided free of charge in a large recipe guide along with orders, but there are a few extras on our blog as well.

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