Discussing the Benefits of Real HCG vs Alternatives

The HCG diet plan is of course, one of the most effective methods to achieve real weight loss in the world today. The effectiveness of the program stems from its many unique properties, such as metabolic control and appetite suppression, as well as its natural origins. Unlike “laboratory” ingredients which are concocted with vats of chemicals, users of the HCG diet are actually simply employing a natural hormone to spur their weight loss results. Ultimately, this is not only highly effective, but extremely safe for users.

In the 1950s Dr. Simeons discovered this potent treatment for obesity, so it’s no surprise that it has been very well studied since.  Over 1000 different clinical trials have been conducted on this program, in various settings. Every last trial showed this weight loss method to be extremely effective at generating weight loss among users.  Clients oftentimes lose 15 to 20 kilograms within a single regimen, with much stronger results in follow ups.  Even cases were a person has had historically stubborn fat, generally leading to sustained fat deposits on the body, succeed with this program.

Real HCG vs many HCG “alternatives” is often a question we receive from our customers.  Alternatives to HCG are just that, “alternatives”.  Often they are some kind of fruit extract, which is generally very cheap to make, and is billed as a weight loss enhancer.  However, these will never contain any HCG whatsoever. There is no scientific evidence that these treatments will work at all, let alone as much as the HCG diet program does. Versus placebo groups in these studies, people on HCG lost 3 times as much total weight, so the results with these alternatives will generally be about 30% as good as with the real thing.

There is also no such thing as “synthetic” HCG.  If you see such a thing, run!  The only way to create HCG is naturally, and it is then extracted through distillation processes and freeze dried.  You will need to look for tell-tale signs such as if the HCG is measured in IUs or milligrams, rather than these bogus “concentration” values you will often see.  Only IUs or milligrams (in powdered forms) are true measurements of the hormone.  Keep in mind that for users new to the program, they should stay far from these bogus imitators, as they will lose heart and motivation quickly with such poor results.  Only real and non-homeopathic HCG has been shown to work, to stay away from these alternatives and the various homeopathic options out there.

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