When Exercise is Allowed On The HCG Diet

Exercising On The HCG DietThe original program as prescribed by Dr. Simeons is fairly restrictive with what a person can and cannot do on the program. The first steps of the HCG diet are always to closely follow the diet itself, and take HCG daily (in the case of injections, this is 5 times a week). However, many are still unsure about the best methods for the program.  Many stick with Dr. Simeons original methods, but this are not always the best choice.  Particularly in cases where people also wish to exercise, other versions of the program will actually allow them to do so.  In particular, the 700 calorie or 900 calorie per day programs allow for moderate exercise, which may be preferred to more active dieters.

The difficult stems from the exercise itself, which Dr. Simeons originally prohibited on his real HCG program.  The reasons it was not allowed are simple.  When a person goes on a reduced calorie diet program, such as the HCG diet, they are often putting their body into “starvation” mode.  This is a very vulnerable state to the human body, and beginning to exercise with such few calories can result in significant damage to the person’s health.  As such, it’s highly recommended that people take in more calories if they choose to exercise so that their body has enough to function normally.  Though many may think that their stored fat will be released by exercising, the body can only release so much per day.  As such, it can create health problems that are potentially quite dangerous to the user.

There are several plans that go alone with the HCG diet which allow for light to moderate exercise.  These usually involve pushing the caloric intake per day up to around 700 to 900.  Much remains the same on the program, but a wider variety of fruits and vegetables are also generally allowed, and people are advised to take in more protein in the form of 150-175 grams per meal, rather than the classic 100 grams.  Carbohydrates should still be limited significantly for best results.  Generally, up to 2 miles of cardiovascular exercise is allowed, and with bicycling this is slightly higher at generally 4 miles per day.

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