The HCG Weight Loss Program – Approved for Dieting Results

New Weight LossMany people ask us about if the FDA approves the HCG diet for weight loss. The truth of the matter is, they do not approve the use of HCG for weight loss. However, this does not mean that HCG does not work, nor that it is illegal to use it. The use of HCG for weight loss has a strong history, as we discuss on our website in several places.  The HCG diet program has been studied considerably in recent years, and the results indicate nothing but the power of the hormone. The FDA is still working on if they will ultimately approve the treatment for this purpose, but at present, it is still possible to take real HCG from the proper retailers.

It’s really simple, the HCG diet program works.  It has been shown in thousands of studies to be effective as a treatment for obesity.  The FDA stepped in, however, back in December of 2011 to halt the marketing of weight loss products marked as “homeopathic HCG”.  Many marketers were listing their products as if they contained the real hormone.  Also, there was rampant misuse and claims involving products being “FDA registered” or “FDA approved” in the marketplace.  This led to many complaints from customers when they found out their products not only did not contain any HCG at all, but were never FDA approved.

The FDA does not approve over the counter supplements.  These nutritional products can be just as powerful as prescriptions, but they do not necessarily need to be approved.  Nutra products are excellent ways to lose weight, and with our product, we provide the web’s only real HCG.  However, as with all of these homeopathic and “hormone-free” drops that are now commonplace, it’s important to realize that they were the ones the FDA wants to stop.  They are listing their products as “HCG” and yet these products do not contain any of the hormone at all.  New customer should stick to real HCG products at all times, otherwise, they risk falling prey to these many scams that are being perpetuated at retailers all over the country.

Many of our customers ask us, how can you still sell real HCG at such high dosages (the amount needed in order for it to be effective)?  Simply put, we have unique channels to the source for our products.  We do not buy our drops from China and ship them in, we get it all made domestically.  HCG is becoming scarce, but we have been able to keep the channels open to continue making our drops at these high dosages.  Ultimately, we have worked tirelessly to maintain this, while others have given up and gone to scamming their customers (or they never offered real HCG to begin with).

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