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See More Real HCGThe HCG diet plan is clearly one of the best ways to lose weight, but it can also be a very expensive choice for many.  Injections can run people thousands of dollars per regimen and require expensive doctor visits and check ups during the process.  However, for many users, there are luckily other options.  Particularly worthy of note is the introduction of oral supplements which can greatly increase the affordability of the program.  Doctors first introduced pill and droplet forms of HCG around 5 years ago, and these treatments are much less painful and about 25% the price of injections.  Users experience the same results with real HCG in these forms, but they can actually get them without a prescription if they look thoroughly.
One place people usually check first is online, but this can be somewhat risky. For the most part, online retailers only supply HCG in homeopathic or fake forms. There are a handful, however, that have tried to keep providing the real thing since the major upheaval in this market within the last year. HCG plus is, of course, one of these options and at the $61.99 price tag it’s the most affordable way to try real HCG today. Yet it can be quite challenging to locate the one or two real retailers out there. Oftentimes when you go to your local GNC, and see something like “HCG platinum”, you’re actually looking at nothing more than an $80 vitamin supplement. It’s important to ensure that not only are your drops non-homeopathic, but they contain the levels needed to be effective.
When searching for HCG drops and looking to ensure they’re real, see if there’s anything listed like “1x, 2x, 3x” on the label next to HCG. This indicates that the bottle will not actually have any HCG in it, and is homeopathic. These are not real measurement values, but rather a thinly veiled attempt to confuse prospective customers. It is important to see the concentrations either listed in IUs (as we do) or in milligrams. Likewise, you can assume anything in an amber bottle is going to be fake or homeopathic. Across the board only one company packages HCG in amber bottles, and they provide all of the homeopathic HCG out there. When you find things like “HCG Plus 3000″ or “HCG Plus 2000″ from a certain company, these are all made by the same nutraceutical company.
HCG Plus with us here at Bottled HCG Diet is completely natural, and contains the highest level of HCG you will find anywhere. This is not some arbitrary value, but measured directly from HCG powder vials as they come from injections. As a result, HCG plus must be refrigerated as well in order to maintain its integrity. When ordering here, you not only receive the best service, but the best HCG as well. Users of our program generally lose 30 pounds within a single treatment, and many people have reported better results. Yet, despite all of this, many homeopathic retailers persist in offering their useless homeopathic and “alternative” treatments. No one wants to spend $80 on vitamins in alcohol, but the marketing and misrepresentation is so prevalent that people should be vary suspect of any HCG retailer using any of the above tactics.

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