Becoming Healthy with the HCG Diet Program

Healthy with HCG Many people are now trying the HCG diet program in the hopes it will offer them a healthy option for weight loss. It is now the most prescribed treatment program in the world, and for good reason. More people succeed with this hormonal program than any other known method. Users generally experience 20 to 30 pounds of weight loss within the very first treatment on the diet, and the results for new users are the same as with seasoned practitioners. No other program in the world is as effective as the HCG diet.

The basic idea of this program is that the human body’s genetic predispositions, which have developed over eons, actually are counterproductive in the modern era. Rather than eating only what we need, the body will still deposit excess available food in the way of fat. This causes people to gain weight and be unable to lose it down the road. Of course, the HCG diet program is one of the few methods that can directly address this problem. Rather than being just a bandaid, this program will actually target the root cause of this fat storage. The body’s metabolism and appetite are to blame, and HCG is able to address these qualities directly. Metabolism is one of those things that people often discuss, but few people actually address the major qualities of it. This is the way the body burns calories, and a faster rate will yield more caloric loss. The HCG diet program directly targets the brain’s hypothalamus gland, which is responsible for appetite and metabolic rate. As a result, users will lose weight more quickly and keep it off. This is the only known substance that can directly interact and improve the body’s natural functioning in this area.

There are so many benefits for using HCG to lose weight, but they also go far beyond mere weight loss. Users often experience weight loss results, but also those with chronic health problems or illnesses of various types have seen additional benefits. Those with diabetes or hypothyroidism particularly can find themselves achieving a high level of symptom relief. Diabetics generally have their insulin levels stabilized by the HCG hormone, and the hormone also directly influences the thyroid, helping them lose weight far more quickly than is normally possible. These benefits are only now coming to light with new research, but the results are promising.

The major benefits of the HCG diet are well established and various, but here is a quick overview:

  • Helps users lose weight, with 0.5-0.7 pounds per day being average during the program.
  • Allows many users to lose fat even if they have historically always had issues. ┬áIn this capacity HCG is the most effective treatment.
  • Real HCG drops are a much cheaper way to take HCG than injections, but do ensure that they are real.
  • If Real HCG drops are used, the average weight loss is the same as injections, but they are much cheaper.
  • Many people with natural hormonal imbalances can have some symptom relief by starting this program.
  • Within a single regimen, the average weight loss in over one hundred different clinical trials was 30 pounds.
  • Real HCG is widely available, relatively cheap in droplet form, and powerful.
  • It is the #1 doctor recommended treatment for obesity in the world today, primarily because of its amazing results.
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