Healthy Weight Loss is Possible – How Real HCG Drops Help

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As people continue to struggle to lose weight, many have began trying homeopathic drops or worthless alternative supplements rather than using the real thing. It’s unfortunate this is the case, but it has become very difficult for people to achieve results and distinguish between real and fake HCG. It has become commonplace to mislead their customers into purchasing these fake and useless products, rather than the real hormone. Though the program has been proven to work in over one thousand studies, it has only been shown effective in cases where people get a minimum of 125 IUs of the hormone each day. However, with these alternatives and homeopathic treatments, at best people will receive 1/100,000th this level (though it could be as bad as billions of times less than is necessary). Clearly it is important for people to know what they’re purchasing before buying into these homeopathic drops.

Whenever people begin their search, it’s always a good idea to check out the various options. Places on the internet, and local stores like GNC or Wal-mart, do offer various HCG drops. However, every last one of them only offers fake, homeopathic HCG, or simply call their products “HCG alternatives”. This is always a bad sign, and a quick indicator that the products will not even contain the real hormone. Unfortunately, this is not often enough to convince people to avoid these drops, and many fall victim to these schemes. If a product contains real HCG, it will not be labelled in a manner inconsistent with this fact. There will be no concentration values listed such as “1x, 2x” etc. as these are not real values. Rather, it will be in milligrams or IUs.

HCG Plus drops are at present the only real HCG a person can buy without a prescription. We are able to do this simply because we manufacture and mix our drops ourselves (through our direct contact with the US manufacturer). Places out of India can no longer export HCG to the US, so only US sources for the hormone truly offer real HCG to their users. If a person chooses to go through the normal channels of physicians and doctor visits, they should be prepared to spend several thousand dollars for each treatment, and they will only offer painful injections. Knowing this, it’s clear that something like HCG Plus, which is over the counter and offers the same level of the hormone, can be a great thing for new users of the program. Yet, it should be kept in mind that there are no other places to find the real hormone online without going directly to physicians. This will cost between $500-1200/regimen depending on the length. Our 60 day supply, however, is a mere $61.99 and has the same levels as a full intramuscular injection treatment.

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