Losing Weight – An Uphill Battle, But Can HCG Help?

Healthy Eating Many users of our HCG Plus drops simply cannot get enough of their powerful and highly potent weight loss capabilities. For the most part, users not only experience rapid weight loss, but they keep it off in the long term. Whenever someone begins the program they are generally skeptical. How can such a substance be so powerful as to produce the results customers are reporting? The primary method by which HCG works is through the introduction of a powerful pregnancy hormone. This hormone has been identified to directly interact with the body’s hypothalamus gland, an area of the brain that is responsible for metabolism and appetite production. In doing so, HCG is the only known substance that can directly influence these key areas, and improve the body at the biochemical level.

Generally people employ a wide variety of “fad” treatments or other suspect weight loss methods in the hopes of losing weight. Yet, this is almost never an easy and straightforward task. Many of these programs have no clinical basis for their results, and as such, cannot hope to offer most users an effective treatment for obesity. It’s important for people to recognize these limitations, and at best they will be treating the symptoms of their obesity, rather than the root cause. However, with the HCG diet program this is completely different. Because it interacts with the brain itself, the results are not only much more pronounced, they are in fact much more stable and universal.

Dr. Simeons discovered that this hormone could influence weight loss when he tested it on overweight individuals with a reduced calorie diet. What he saw was amazing. Most people lost 1 pound per day throughout their program, with extremely good long term success. He quickly began recommending this program to his patients all over the world, and the rest was history. Injections were the primary method of administration at first, but his quickly changed and it is now possible to take them via oral supplementation instead. Many users not only avoid the pain and daily doctor visits this way, but it’s also much less expensive to take them in this manner. That is why we designed HCG Plus, which is now the web’s only, non-homeopathic HCG drops for oral supplementation

With HCG Plus we not only offer the best prices, we have historically been the only real and non-homeopathic supplier of HCG in the world. We will ship to almost any country (minus Australia) and at present this is the only way for most people to have access to real HCG. It is important to ensure that you take the clinical levels that have been identified as necessary in thousands of clinical studies. This level is anywhere from 150-200 IUs per day of the hormone, in order to maximize the benefits of the program. Though HCG is powerful, it is also effective even in cases where the user has had historic problems of losing weight. Recent studies have identified it as one of the most powerful weight loss aids for people with diabetes or hypothyroidism, effecting real long term weight loss results. Even in cases where it is has been impossible in the past.

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